Corporate packages

Photographic reporting, institutional filming, production of promotional clips, communication books, etc.

Whether you are a company, a department, a community, an institution, our work becomes the project of your group, in addition to produce a modern and powerful tool to reach more than conventional communication channels. Innovative, interactive, fun, personalized, responsive, shareable on social networks, we adapt our production photo and video to allow you to bypass the rapid obsolescence of traditional media.

What motivates us is to dive deep into a subject, to understand from the inside, to understand from the outside, putting in pictures (photo, video, sound, writing, atmosphere) of invent a dynamic interface that identifies you and create an embodiment with a strong soul, a personalized atmosphere around a pre-defined editorial line with you.

After listening and study your problem we offer a creative and effective scenario and an implementation plan to broadcast.

We work with policymakers and aggregated to occasionally if necessary around our team, additional specific skills (voice, composer, programmer html ...) to produce an up to date tool.

A message to the internet, extranet or in connection with specific presentations (conferences, exhibitions, symposiums, talks, workshops, group presentation, etc.).

Our axis is the human, his feelings, his experiences with an angle of journalistic or more institutional view but often revealing hidden and enabling visibility that belongs only to precursors.

The best way for you to multiply your visual impact is to solicit us for a private presentation and offline on our approach and our réalisations.Un detailed estimate will be based on your specifications.


Contacts: Mederic 06 18 77 28 82

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