We love moving images as much as we love stills, and more importantly, we love being able to give you a wedding film that is a perfect complement to our photography style.

The 2 cameras package provides the best day and ceremony coverage using multi-angles technique. Steadicam makes perfect camera travellings and enhance our film direction.

Cycas & Fred have filmed weddings with BLEUCITRONPROD all over Europe. Editing and professionnal dvd authoring will get you not a mere boring video but a real stunning fullHD film you’ll hasten to play again and again.

2Cam package details :

  • Engagement video session
  • Both bride & groom preparation coverage, prior to the ceremony
  • Multi-angle ceremony & dancefloor filmmaking
  • Short teaser (next week onlined)
  • Professional enhanced multicamera film edit (20 or 45 min long)
  • Double DVD pack delivery (film+bonus features) & parents single DVDs
  • Bluray Disc optional pack

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