BLEUCITRONPROD is a studio of photographers and film directors that is specialized in « anti-cliché » creative documentary coverage ; weddings, corporations and pregnancy.

Med and Cycas aim at presenting the authentic story of your wedding day. We'll do that in a stylish way, by quickly and unobtrusively capturing candid moments as they happen, without intervening or directing. This offbeat approach helps us make pictures as perfect as possible, from unexpected points of view. We'll also take some time to do a series of portraits where, if necessary, we offer direction on « attitudes » that look the most flattering, in order to give you images you could have never imagined.

Based in Provence, Côte d’Azur and Luberon, South of France, we travel for the majority of our weddings around Europe and abroad. So whether your wedding is on an exotic beach or in your parents' backyard, we'll be there for you.

Please contact Med for price information about weddings, art sessions or pregnancy photography.

BLEUCITRONPROD is available for assignments worldwide.

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