All of the testimonials below are candid letters or emails we have received from couples, their friends and family. Their words give meaning to our work. Many thanks to all of them.

Dearest Med,

We’ve run out of superlatives to describe your brilliant work. So many people commented on how good you were… All we can say now, again and always is thanks for the beautiful pictures. Hiring you was definitely the best decision by far about our wedding. We’re so glad your availability opened up for our date because it could’ve been the biggest regret of our lives had it not. You are an incredible photographer with pure talent, dedication, passion and humility. You’ve always given us more than what was required of a professional. Thanks for having been such a pleasure to work with, for your tireless spirit, dedication to the art and continuing to inspire us with your work. Your biggest fans,

(MJ & Ben, 12/07/13)

Hi Med !

You just captured the emotion so exquisitely and told the story of our day so beautifully that I feel like I’m re-living each moment. It’s even more fun to see the moments that I didn’t see as the day unfolded. Thank you for being so non-invasive in capturing the story of the day as it unfolded instead of taking it over.  And thank you for being so truly passionate about your work.

(Betty & Mike, 12/08/21)

Holy shit. Basically you are the best photographer in the entire world. These are AMAZING ! I am freaking out. From the moment you got there, I honestly felt better about the whole entire shebang.

(Amy & Harrison, 12/07/19)


Stig and I don’t even know where to begin. You are truly the best! Not only was your photography the most incredible thing my family has ever seen, your personality and charm won us all over. Every single picture you took at our wedding is a beautiful piece of art; that is what sets you apart from every other wedding photographer out there.

So, thank you Med ! We love you and everything you are doing for the couples you photograph ! We were so blessed to have you,. Sincerely,

(Kendra & Stig, 12/06/16)

Our Dearest Med,

Your work is nothing short of remarkable, and your love for the camera shines through every photograph. How beautiful and rare to find someone who is so in touch with life that he can literally transport you back in time through the lens of a camera… how wonderful and uplifting to encounter someone in this industry who actually makes you more aware of the joy your wedding represents… It was a blast and we can’t wait to see you again. Miss you tons,

(Toni & Joshua, 11/27/08)

Hi Med,

Those photos are beyond words. Even more than that, we think you are a fantastic person, and we just loved having you be a part of our day. Warm wishes.

(Haley & Sheiah, 12/07/05)


You were, by far, the most important asset of our wedding day. Thank you for capturing our special day in such a way that we will always be able to look at your photos and know exactly how we felt at that exact moment. Thank you for being professional, attentive, genuine, but most importantly… yourself. We will always cherish our wedding day and think of you. Always,

(Victoria & Kamil, 07/06/18)

Dear Med,

Such a level of mastery !! Thank you so much for the passion and creativity that is your art and our “non-wedding photos” ! We couldn’t be more pleased and neither could our families. We greatly appreciate the extra time and energy you gave us on our special day. A simple thank you will never do, yet we are so grateful and happy that we genuinely look for opportunities to refer people to your Web site !! Love always,

(Lela and Sohal, 07/10/24)

Well, Mr Med…

You have touched so many lives in such a short time. We’ve shared the slideshow with our friends and colleagues – the overwhelming response has been happy tears, admiration and complete respect for the amazing job you did. Thank you – words are not enough, really. It meant so much to Byron and me… Take care and stay in touch !

(Alicia & Byron, 08/07/03)

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures are amazing!!!! We absolutely love them!!! We spent hours looking at them and crying over them. Thank you so much for spending so much time with us. You are a doll and an amazing photographer. We feel truly blessed that we found you to share our special day with us.

(Sasha & Tom, 06/06/15)

Our dearest Med,

These are the most amazing pictures!!! We are totally overwhelmed with the absolute beauty of your work.  We leave for Maui in 2 hours but just spent the last 15 minutes crying together while looking at the photos. You are truly, truly, truly amazing and cannot wait to thank you in person.

(Katie & Sean, 09/08/25)

Dear Med,

I just have to say you did an AMAZING job at Katie and Sean’s wedding. You were so easy to be around and you made the day so much more enjoying. I will not forget you for my wedding!! It might be a while but Med will definitely be my photographer!!!

(Chelsea & Donald, 09/08/26)